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Easyship Signature Confirmation

Signature Confirmation



project Period

Jul - Oct 2023

my responsibilities

User Research
Usability Testing
Design QA



Easyship, an all-in-one shipping platform, offers discounted couriers to e-commerce businesses for both domestic and international shipping. Signature confirmation is a crucial feature to ensure the safety and security of high-valued parcels or sensitive items, such as alcohol and firearms, which may even require adult signatures for legal or compliance reasons.


Previously, the signature confirmation and other add-on services within the shipment panel were difficult for users to find. Additionally, these were paid features available only to a specific group of users. This limited accessibility to a valuable service, leading to user frustration and churn.


To address these concerns, we implemented a project to redesign the shipping panel and adding the signature confirmation feature to all users as to enhance overall shipping experience. The project team included myself as the Product Designer, a Product Manager, and a team of four engineers.



of customers found the add-on services were clear and easy to access


increase in shipments with add-on services


increase in total revenue generated from add-on services

Discovering User Needs

To gain a deeper understanding of user needs and validate the importance of this project, we gathered feedback from various sources.

Sources of Feedback


Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey


Feature requests


Churn reason analysis


Customer reviews

Ney Promoter Score (NPS) Survey

Why signature confirmation is so important to our clients?

Quote Icon

I need signature confirmation to ensure the safe delivery of parcels to my customers.

– Johnny L. (Firearm company)

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We sell alcohol which requires signature for 21+. PLEASE add this.

– Derek M. (Wine company)

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I'm shocked that Easyship doesn't allow a signature on high value parcels.

– Tracy R. (Crystal company)

Analysing Our Competitors

I compared the signature confirmation features of our key competitors. All of them at least offer basic signature confirmation and adult signature options. However, some did not provide service descriptions and cost details which may lead to confusion for users.

Easyship Signature Confirmation Competitor Table
Shipstation dashboard screenshot
Shippingeasy dashboard screenshot
Pirateship dashboard screenshot
Shippo dashboard screenshot

Problems of the Current Product

We conducted Heuristic Evaluation with the team to identify the problems of the existing shipment panel during the create shipment flow.


Poor Information Architecture

  • Signature confirmation and additional services were grouped under "Order" instead of "Courier," creating confusion and hindering users from easily finding the feature

  • The lengthy and disorganised form made it challenging for users to navigate and select the desired services


Limited Feature Availability

  • Signature confirmation and additional services were only accessible to clients with linked courier accounts (a paid feature), which left to user churn and dissatisfaction


Lack of Cost Visibility

  • The absence of service prices next to each option made users hesitant to select them

  • The lack of real-time cost updates upon selecting services caused confusion and potential overcharges

Is the current panel clear to you?

Easyship existing dashboard bg
Easyship existing dashboard shipment panel header
Easyship existing dashboard shipment panel scroll bar
Shipment Panel (Scroll to browse the full panel)
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Testing Our Prototype

After creating an initial prototype and iterations, I conducted four rounds of moderated usability tests with 33 users, combining in-person and remote testing methods.

During the tests, we asked the users to complete several tasks and we observed how they interact with the prototype. We also asked them to compare the iterations.

After that, we conducted severity ratings to identify the most significant usability problems that need to be fixed.

First prototype is never perfect...

Usability Issues Identified in Round 1

"Delivery Confirmation” at the top bar is easy to be ignored.

Change icon

Changes: Moved to the right column and renamed as "Signature Options”


Some users didn't understand the meaning of "Shipper Release".

Change icon

Changes: Use "No signature Required” instead.


”Sender” and "Receiver” confused some users because the tax and duty should be paid by receive eventually.

Change icon

Changes: Removed the text "Sender” and ”Receiver”.

First iteration
Easyship Signature Confirmation Usability Test Iteration 2
Final iteration
Final Result After Improvements

Average satisfaction rating on requesting signature confirmation and additional services


Average satisfaction viewing or comparing courier options and details

Easyship Signature Confirmation Usability Test Client 1Easyship Signature Confirmation Usability Test Client 2
Usability tests with clients via Zoom

Final Prototype

Since the project involved complicated code restructuring, the project scope was divided into three phases.

Previous version

Courier services were displayed in a table format, which proved to be overwhelming. Additionally, the sort icon lacked visibility.

New version (Phase 1):


Revamped the courier service table into a two-column layout


Displayed the selected courier option and alternative courier options, simplified handover option icons with hover tooltips, and improved sort-by dropdown in the left column


Displayed a comprehensive shipment summary, including cost breakdown list, chargeable weight in the right column

New version (Phase 2):


Added Shipping Options card which contains toggle buttons for “Include Return Label” (for domestic shipments) and "Prepaid/Post-paid Import Tax & Duty" (for international shipments)

New version (Phase 3):


Added signature options (radio buttons)


Added additional services (checkboxes)

All additional costs will be reflected in the cost breakdown list.

When selecting another courier service, both signature options and additional services will be reset to default option.

Conclusion and Limitations

This dashboard project was very challenging since the new design impacted all users regardless of their subscription plan levels and required substantial changes to the existing code. During the project period, we encountered the following difficulties.

Stakeholders Involvement

  • Product Managers held diverse opinions on price-changing behaviour of the signature options and additional services

  • Project direction and scope kept changing, which extended the project period beyond expectations

Technical Limitations

  • Price-changing behaviour had to be adjusted due to technical constraints

  • Backend limitations affected the visibility of individual service costs

To address the above constraints, I facilitated regular meetings with the product and engineering teams. I also iteratively developed and tested multiple prototype versions, conducting additional rounds of usability testing to refine the final design. Despite these complexities, our team successfully executed a phased redesign, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly shipping experience for all clients.